Receiving Payments

PayPal is the single method of payment from Ebyline to Freelancers. You must have a PayPal account setup to receive payments. For detailed help in creating your PayPal account, read the guide here: PayPal Setup 

Payment from Publishers using Ebyline Payment processing:

When an editor approves and purchases your assignmentpitch, invoice or completed story, you will receive an email notification of the purchase. The project will be removed from your Projects folder and added to your Sales Transactions screen. Your Sales Transactions screen shows projects which are pending payment with the payment ETA date, and projects which have already been paid with the date of payment.

Purchased projects are queued for invoicing to the publishers, who are invoiced weekly on Friday Mornings at 12am ET for the projects they purchase during that week. Upon receipt of payment from a Publisher, Ebyline immediately transfers the funds due each freelancer to their PayPal account. PayPal will send you an automated email alert when this transfer takes place.

You will receive two email notices:
1) Email alert from Ebyline at the moment your project is purchased by a publisher.
2) Email alert from PayPal once payment has been transferred to your PayPal account.

It's important to remember that each publisher has their own payment terms. Some pay their invoices immediately on Fridays, while others have longer (10-60 day) terms on their invoices. This means you may receive payment as quickly as every Friday from a publisher who pays immediately, or up to 60 days after your story is invoiced to the publisher. If you are unsure of the terms for a publisher, you can refer to your Sales Transactions page to see the estimated payment date. This information is also included in the email alert sent from Ebyline when the project is purchased.


Note: After your first project is purchased, the next time that you log-in to Ebyline you will be presented with a Payment Settings page. This page is where you will enter all of the information required for payment processing and tax reporting. You'll only need to enter this information one time, however, it is required before any payments can be released to you.


Click here to learn how to track your payments


Click here to learn how to setup your PayPal account

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