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Where is my 1099?

Effective for tax year 2016 and after, Ebyline will not be issuing 1099-Misc forms for amounts paid via PayPal. To avoid duplication of reporting, the IRS has shifted the reporting requirement from Ebyline to PayPal. If you meet the IRS thresholds to receive a 1099-K form from PayPal, it will be available through your PayPal account. If you do not meet the threshold, you will not be issued a 1099 form.

For details on obtaining your 1099-K from your PayPal account, or other questions you may have related to the 1099-K, you may view PayPal's help guides here: Common 1099 and Tax Related Questions


Access electronic copy of pre-2016 tax year 1099-Misc:

If you elected to receive an electronic copy of your 2015 or prior 1099-Misc forms from Ebyline, you can download them from your Ebyline account.

1) Login into your Ebyline account.

2) Select the "Transactions" option from the Folder Rail. Then click the "Tax Forms" navigation link to view your forms. 

3) Click the download link next to the tax year for the form you want to access.



All forms are in PDF format.  

Should you need to download your 1099-Misc form again in the future, it will continue to be accessible from under “Tax Forms."

Please direct any inquiries regarding 1099-Misc forms, for transactions completed through the Ebyline platform, to our support staff at

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