How to Update Your Profile

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Here are tips for keeping your Ebyline Profile up to date with your latest work, career highlights and newest freelancing skills.


  1. Click on your name at the top right corner.
  2. Select "Manage Account" from the drop down menu.
  3. Fill out the "Ebyline Profile", "Portfolio", "Contact Info" and "Preferences" sections. 
  4. Save your changes when needed before moving to the next section.
  5. Click the "View Profile" button to see how your Profile will appear to others.
  6. Click the "Submit my profile for review" button. Your profile will be sent to our editorial team for review.





  • Persona section allows you to upload your photo, adjust your vanity URL and upload links to your Social Media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. You can also enter a location for your freelancing coverage area. To enter a location, simply begin typing, then select the appropriate location from the drop down list. To add a Social Media link, copy/paste the full URL from your account into the "Links" field. Use the "X" button to remove items entered.

  • Experience section allows you to enter a mini summary, career summary and tags, which can be searched against by editors looking for freelancers with specific skills or experience. Use the "X" button to remove items entered. Click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page when done.

Profile Preview in Search Results:






  • Worked For section allows you to add publications that you have worked with. This list of publications will be scanned monthly to locate your recent work, allowing you to easily add your latest projects to your Featured Work. To add another publication, click the "Add Publications" button and begin typing. A list of matching, known publications will be displayed. Select from the list, or finish typing your publication name or URL. To remove a publication from this section, use the delete button to the upper right of the publication's logo.

  • Featured Work section is where you add the clips of your work that you wish to show off. You can select from the automatically discovered articles, add your own URL or upload a file of your work. When a new article is discovered by Ebyline, use the "Yes" button to include it in your profile. Clicking "No" will remove it from the list of articles you can choose from. To add your own custom URL or upload an image, video or audio file, use the "Add Web Clip" button or "Upload Files" button. Check this section often to keep it updated.




TIP: You may upload the following file types (each file may be up to 150MB in file size):

  • Images - JPG, GIF, PNG, PDF
  • Video - MOV, MP4,, M4V
  • Audio - MP3, WAV, M4A



Use this page to update your basic contact information, Paypal information and Ebyline Password. Your address is never displayed in your profile. You can control if your email address and phone numbers will appear in your profile using the "Preferences" screen. Click the "Save changes" button when done.



Use this page to determine how much of your profile and contact information is visible, adjust Pitch Board email notification settings and change your password. Click "Save changes" button when done. 

  • Email Notifications allows you to set how frequently you receive emails on the latest Pitch Board proposals.
  • Privacy section allows you to set what information will be displayed in your Profile. If you do not want any of your profile information displayed, uncheck all of these boxes.
  • Password section allows you  to change your Ebyline password, enter your current password in the "Old Password" field, and then type the new password you wish to use in the next two fields.



If you haven't done so, you can submit your profile for review to become an Ebyline Approved Freelancer.
Click here to view our guide on how to create a great Freelancer Profile


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