Becoming an Ebyline Approved Freelancer

Freelancers can complete a profile and submit it to Ebyline's editorial staff for consideration. Freelancers whose profiles are accepted for "Ebyline Approved" status will have expanded access to Pitch Board proposals and will be more prominently displayed in editors' search results.

Ebyline works primarily with journalism publishers and brands looking for freelancers with extensive experience in the newsroom or who have a long track record producing for national outlets.

When reviewing profile submissions, these are the factors we consider:

  • whether your skills and expertise match our editors’ needs
  • your employment history and accomplishments at publications
  • the quality of the clips you submitted as well as the prominence of the titles where they appeared. We prefer to see 2-3 clips from 4-5 different, nationally recognized organizations.
  • indication that you are an active, experienced, regularly published freelance journalist
  • the care and effort with which you prepared your application. Repeated requests to update or fix your profile is also taken into consideration.
We understand that many freelancers are in the early stages of their careers or are building publisher relationships and adding to their portfolios. If your initial profile submission is not approved, you may resubmit your profile for review at a later date, when you feel your experience and expertise are a better match.

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