Keys to creating successful pitch board replies

Pitching editors on Ebyline couldn’t more simple.  Just respond to a Pitch Board proposal with your story idea, fee and deadline.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when pitching editors that will help boost your chances of getting the assignment:

  • Read the Pitch Board proposal carefully and respond to the specific request
    If an editor asks for travel story ideas in the particular location, don’t respond with a general pitch for your services, non-travel stories or stories in a different region.

  • Story ideas should be original and exclusive work
    Editors are rarely interested in re-purposed or old stories, or pitches that will incur large additional expenses.
  • Keep it brief and professional; make your case
    Story ideas should take up one or two paragraphs. Do not include more than three ideas. Tell editors why you’re the best person for the assignment. Check spelling and grammar: you’re applying for a job.
  • Set a fee that you are comfortable with
    Whenever an editor posts to the Pitch Board he or she sets a rate but that rate is negotiable by freelancers. You can accept the rate when you pitch or change it.
  • Never miss a deadline
    Being professional, timely, and maintaining high-quality standards with every assignment you successfully pitch will build trust and ensure a lasting, productive editor-freelancer partnership.

Example Pitch:

If you lost the ability to do the thing you loved most, how would you react? For one man, a baseball pitcher who lost both arms, the answer has been a promise to throw out the opening pitch at every Major League Baseball stadium in the country. After three years, he’s over halfway there—but money is tight and there are plenty of obstacles in pursuit of his goal. What will he find if he achieves it? 

I propose to deliver a feature story of approximately 1,000 words on this man’s unique quest based on several days to be spent with him on the road as he drives to Wrigley Field to deliver the season’s opening pitch before Chicago’s famous crowds. Additional reporting will include interviews with friends and family as well as background on the medical condition he suffered and on other athletes who have overcome extreme disabilities to remain close to the sports that they see as defining themselves.


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