Creating an Invoice

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Freelancers can submit invoices to editors for work or expenses incurred outside of Ebyline. Invoices should not be created for projects already in Ebyline, this will result in duplicate charges.

Create Invoice:

1) Click on the "Create Invoice" button at the top left of the screen.

2) Enter a Title for the Invoice.

3) Type the name of your editor or the editor's email address that you want to pitch in the "Who should receive this invoice?" field and select from the drop down list. 

4) Click the "Add Expenses" button.

5) Complete the first line item, by entering a date, selecting the type of expense, and entering the merchant and any notes. Note: to enter fee for writing or similar work, select "Writing" under "Type" of expense and enter "self" as Merchant.

6) Enter the amount in U.S. Dollars.

7) Click the "Save" button directly under the line item to update your invoice.

8) Click "Add expense" to include additional line items. 

Submit Invoice:

1) Click the "Submit Invoice" button. Make sure you have included all your expenses. Note: If you do not see the "Submit Invoice" button at the top right side of the screen, hold CTRL and click the minus sign to zoom out on your browser (or Command and minus sign on Mac OS).

2) Agree to the terms by checking both boxes and clicking "Accept". 

3) An invoice will be sent to your editor.

Note: Freelancers can submit a "pitch" to an editor and ask to include expenses with the "pitch". For more details on how to create pitches, view our help guide, Pitching Story Ideas.


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