Projects: Viewing Projects in a Table

Projects in Ebyline contain a lot of information. Viewing your projects as a table, allows you to see the main details of all of your projects (both current projects and closed projects in custom groups) on one page. Table view shows detailed information about each project, without needing to access projects one at a time. You can sort the table by any category of information, such as Author or Deadline, do a keyword Search for specific items, and export the table to a CSV file.


Using Table View

When you access Ebyline, the default view will be List view. This views shows all of your project titles in the List Rail. At the top of the List Rail, next to the Search field, are two icons; to switch to Table view, click on the icon with the vertical lines.



Once you are in Table view, you can limit the projects displayed by selecting a subfolder, such as "Assignments".



To sort your projects by a particular category, click on a column heading. For example, to quickly see all projects that you need to take action on, sort by the "Status" column. Then, if you want to take action on a project, simply click on the project title to open the project page.



To view only certain projects, such as those from a particular person, enter a keyword into the Search field. The list of projects will be limited to those containing that keyword.



For information about exporting projects, click here.

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