Inviting Freelancers

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The first step in to working with a new, unregistered freelancer is to invite them to Ebyline. Once the invited freelancer has completed registration, you will be able to send them assignments and receive pitches and invoices.

There are 2 ways to invite a freelancer to Ebyline:

Send an Assignment:

You can send an assignment and invite a new freelancer to join Ebyline in one simple step. Assigning Projects to Freelancers.

Invite Freelancer:

Use the Invite Freelancer feature to invite freelancers in bulk or without creating assignments.

1) Click the "Invite Users" button at the upper right of your screen.

2) Select "Invite Freelancers" from the menu.

3) Enter the freelancer's email addresses. Note: you can enter multiple email addresses by pressing the space bar to separate each entry.

4) Optional: include a personal message that will be added to the standard invitation.

5) Click the "Send invites" button.

Track and check the invitation status in the list displayed below. Click the "Resend" button if you wish to resend the invitation email to the Freelancer.




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