WordPress - Purchasing a post

Before a post can be purchased, a fee must be set.

There are two ways to purchase a post. The first is through the status column's Pay Now button. The second is through the Payment widget's Pay Now button.

The fee set at the time will be the fee that appears on the confirmation page.



To completing the purchase,

1) Click on the Pay Now Button. You will be prompted to login to Ebyline as an editor (if you're not logged in already). How to become an Ebyline editor.


2) After you sign in or create an account, the payment confirmation will appear. Make sure that the information in the page is correct. If all the information is accurate, skip to the last step.


3) To change the fee amount, click on "edit fee". (Note that the fee on this page includes the transaction fee) 

4) To change the payment recipient, click on "Not this person?". This will take you back to the post where you can select a different person. 

5) Click on Pay Now to confirm. Your payment is now sent to the author through Ebyline's secure system and tracked through the Transactions folder of your Ebyline account.

The author of the post will receive an email notification of the purchase with instructions on how to accept the payment.

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